Countdown to World Book Night: Three Weeks to Go

Details about the first of Monday, April 22’s Kick Off Celebrations are now up on World Book Night’s Facebook page. Each event features an author and venues range from a club in Portland, Oregon, to Mike Perry’s hometown library, to Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store and a St. Louis Indie Bookstore Alliance event at Mad Art Gallery.

Times are being finalized and a few surprises will be added, so keep checking back. For more details about planning for the kick off, visit the blog of WBN U.S. Executive Director Carl Lennertz.

National and regional maps pinpointing giver locations are also up on Facebook.

Customizable Giver Thank You Certificates have been added to the Bookseller and Library sections of WBN Resources.

Ingram has labeled 25,000 boxes of WBN books that are off to staging areas for delivery to stores and libraries by Friday, April 12. Givers will be notified that they can get their boxes the week of April 15. Hundreds of stores and libraries are holding special Giver-only Receptions the week of the 15th so that givers can meet each other, as well as meet booksellers, librarians, and local media.

“Every box has a big and bright Giver Box sticker with the lovely FedEx logo, and the giver’s name nice and big on the shipping label, for easy check-in,” said Lennertz. “The store and library pre-WBN receptions are essential drivers of giver excitement and engagement, and the ones held last year resulted in 250 local news stories, and that number could double this year. Not to mention an outpouring of giver enthusiasm all over social media.”