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Reader Privacy Bill Moves Forward in Senate

The fight to restore safeguards for reader privacy that were eliminated by the USA Patriot Act took an important step forward last week.

ABFFE Protests Islamic “Radicalization” Hearings

The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression has joined with more than 40 free speech, civil liberties, and civil rights groups in a protest against plans by the House Homeland Security Committee to investigate the threat of Islamic “radicalization” in the U.S.

Media Coalition Urges Hawaii Legislature to Protect Rights of Authors and Publishers

Media Coalition is calling on Hawaii’s House Judiciary Committee to respect the First Amendment rights of authors and publishers of visitor guidebooks and websites.

House Vote on Reader Privacy Amendment Thursday

On Thursday, February 17, House members from both parties will try to add an amendment to an appropriations bill that would restore the safeguards for bookstore and library records that were eliminated by the Patriot Act.

Privacy Case Related to North Carolina Sales Tax Fairness Fight Settled

The North Carolina Department of Revenue has reached a settlement in the legal fight regarding the state’s request for sales data from in its efforts to recoup an estimated $50 million in lost tax revenue for online purchases.

Bookstores Sought to Host Media Lawyers, Reporters for Free Speech Talks

ABFFE is co-sponsoring a new program that will bring media lawyers and reporters to bookstores around the country to discuss important free speech issues, including censorship, source confidentiality, and the impact of the Internet on press freedom.

Reader Privacy Advocates Urge Calls to Congress

With debate picking up in Washington over reauthorization of sections of the USA Patriot Act that are set to expire on February 28, the Campaign for Reader Privacy is urging supporters to ask their members of Congress to support the restoration of safeguards for reader privacy eliminated by passage of the act in 2001.


The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression has a new address.

Special Wi6 T-Shirts to Benefit ABFFE

Sales at Wi6 of a T-shirt featuring an “enhanced” version of the classic painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” will benefit the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression.

ABFFE Sees Problems With New Law Banning “Crush” Videos

Last week, President Obama signed into law a new ban on the sale of animal “crush” videos, which replaces a 1999 law struck down in April as a violation of the First Amendment. The new law applies to a narrower range of material, but it has raised concerns for ABFFE and other free speech advocates.

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