Sales Tax Initiative

Amazon and Subsidiaries to Begin Collecting Texas Sales Tax

On Sunday, July 1, under the parameters of a deal struck with the Texas comptroller’s office, will begin collecting and remitting sales tax to Texas for purchases made by state residents from Amazon and its many subsidiaries.

Iowa Governor Calls for Federal Sales Tax Fairness

This week, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) urged his state’s U.S. senators to support the Marketplace Fairness Act, federal legislation that would allow states to require remote retailers to collect and remit sales tax in the state.

Amazon to Collect NJ Sales Tax Starting July 2013

On May 30, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced that that the state had come to an agreement with that will have the retailer begin collecting and remitting state sales tax in exchange for opening two new warehouses in New Jersey.

Booksellers Asked to Contact Lawmakers in Support of E-Fairness

ABA is encouraging its members to reach out to their state governors and federal lawmakers in support of sales tax fairness legislation currently under consideration in the U.S. House and Senate.

Michigan Governor Supports Sales Tax Fairness

In a letter to the U.S. Senate dated May 9, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder publicly announced his support for the Marketplace Fairness Act (S. 1832).

New England Local Business Forum: Collaboration Is Key

The New England Local Business Forum last week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, brought together partners in the book, bike, and toy industries to create a diverse environment for sharing innovative ideas and learning how to better grow local businesses.

A Texas-Size Win for Main Street

The state of Texas has struck a deal with that will require the online retailer to begin collecting and remitting sales tax to the state for purchases by Texas residents beginning July 1, 2012. 

Nevada Extends Amazon’s Sales Tax Advantage

Last week, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) announced the state had worked out a deal with that would continue the online retailer’s sales tax advantage over Main Street businesses for another two years.

Judge Strikes Down Affiliate Nexus Law in Illinois

In a blow to Illinois’ Main Street retailers, Cook County Circuit Judge Robert Lopez Cepero ruled Wednesday that a law requiring remote retailers with a broad network of online affiliates acting as sales agents in the state to collect and remit sales tax was unconstitutional.

ABA Submits Testimony to Senate Finance Committee

This week, ABA submitted written testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act (S. 1832), legislation that would give states the right to require remote retailers to collect and remit sales tax in the state, if they choose to do so.

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