A Celebrate (With) Indies Order Reminder

Bookstores participating in this spring’s Celebrate Moms With Indies promotion must place their orders with publishers by May 1. For the Dads and Grads promotions, titles must be ordered by June 3. Booksellers can choose from lists of adult and children’s frontlist and backlist titles that were compiled with independent booksellers’ input. Many of the promotional titles have also appeared on the Indie Next and Indie Bestseller lists.

Stores designated their choice of titles for their Spring/Summer Celebrate Debut Authors promotions at the time of signup.

Please note: The code for all Harper titles in the Celebrate With Indies Moms, Dads and Grads promotions was off by one digit; the correct promo code is now displayed on the title lists at BookWeb.org/celebrate

The Bookseller DIY features downloadable marketing materials, including shelf-talkers and author videos for the Celebrate Debut Authors With Indies campaign that can be shared individually and as a playlist.