New DIY Designs Celebrate Spring

To celebrate spring and help stores find a fresh, new promotional look, ABA’s Bookseller DIY sports 11 new designs for posters, web banners, and bookmarks that can be easily produced at local printers. Several of the designs celebrate spring reading (and book buying) in general, while others promote gift giving for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, books for kids, and vacation reading.

Included are original designs from ABA Marketing Manager Greg Galloway, others generously shared by ABA’s indie bookselling friends in the United Kingdom, and updates of existing concepts.

Slogans include “We’ve Got Some Monster Books Inside,” “Mother’s Day: No Flowers, Just Leaves,” “Father’s Day: No Tools, Just Power,” “Read a Book … Enjoy the Ride,” and more.

To the right are just a few of the designs, ABA members can find all of the designs in the Booksellers DIY. Booksellers with questions about adapting any of the designs in the DIY can contact Galloway via e-mail or at (800) 637-0037, ext. 6668.